There are many benefits to a rent to own agreement. We’re with you all along the way during the process.

Read below to see how the process works!

How Does A Rent To Own Home Agreement Work?

Join our property list

Tell us what type of home you’re looking for, your budget, etc 

Receive rent-to-own options

We’ll send you rent to own / lease option homes that fit your criteria.

Fill the application form

If you like a home and want to apply, we’ll give you an application to fill out.

Get approved

After you’re approved to rent the property, we’ll agree on a monthly rent amount and the future purchase terms.  

Move in

Move in and pay your rent payments on-time… then at the end of the rental agreement you can decide if you want to purchase the home.

THERE IS NO OBLIGATION to purchase the home after the rental agreement expires.

How Long Are Rent To Own / Lease Option Terms?

Your lease/option agreement (also known as the rent to own contract) will spell out the length of time that you have to complete the purchase of the property – typically 3 years, but in certain circumstances we may extend your option if you need more time to get your credit or downpayment up to the point where you can qualify for a bank loan.

The purchase of your home usually takes place through a traditional mortgage loan, but there are other ways to complete the purchase, depending on your finances.

That’s the process!

Once you’ve completed your mortgage, you’re done – now you own your home!