A Full-Service Rent To Own Services Company Helping Atlanta Residents Own Their Own Home.

Learn How we can help you become a homeowner here in Atlanta even if you can’t buy a home the “traditional” way.


We’re here to give those with BAD or NO credit hope and the privilege of homeownership.

Learn about us, why we exist, and how we can help you!

We’re the best source for Atlanta folks to find a great property in the Atlanta GA area that’s available on a rent-to-own basis. We’re constantly picking up new properties and we always have properties available. To get our full list of rent-to-own properties just click here.

Here at Crew Property Solutions,LLC, our focus is simple. Find and purchase great houses in and around Atlanta, fix them up, and offer them to people in Atlanta on a Rent-to-Own basis to help more people become homeowners when otherwise they couldn’t.

Our Important Role In Our Local Real Estate Market

In this crazy economy, we help stabilize neighborhoods all around Atlanta by matching up properties with the people who will care for them as their own – even those who don’t necessarily qualify for a loan from banks.

We were frustrated by the sheer number of folks who want to buy, but can’t qualify for loans from banks. There are tons of great homes just sitting vacant! Sellers want to sell, and buyers want to buy … but no banks will help!
That’s why we took action, and started Crew Property Solutions, LLC.

We want to make sure our community can grow and stay healthy.
Times are tough.
It takes innovative solutions to tough problems, but we love to help people reach their dreams. That’s what makes all the hard work worthwhile.
We help sellers create lease/option agreements with qualified tenants who aren’t ready for a traditional mortgage.
We help families find great homes and apartments that they can eventually own – but live in right away.
We’re 11roud to invest in our communities.

We help ensure that homes around Atlanta stay occupied – with people who will care for their community.